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Title: Lazaro Cardenas en la memoria colectiva
Other Titles: Politics and Culture; No 31 (2009): No. 31: Memoria y conciencia social; 183-209
Política y Cultura; Núm. 31 (2009): No. 31: Memoria y conciencia social; 183-209
Politique et culture; No 31 (2009): No. 31: Memoria y conciencia social; 183-209
Authors: Vázquez Mantecón, Verónica
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2009
Publisher: Politics and Culture
Política y Cultura
Politique et culture
Description: This work is an effort to build the collective memory of president Cárdenas through the social speech of different actors. The main hypothesis points out that there is a myth in relation to him which has to do with an heroic image. It is about a human being with superhuman traits. The image is analyzed on the bases of a political and symbolic referent. It is a political myth, which contributed to consolidate the nation state and the mexican political system. Two perspectives can be derived from this analysis: one which deals with the politician with a long range view. The other has to do with the man who always was trying to improve the levels of social justice and the aspirations of the poorest. Different values are associated with the memory of Cárdenas: paternalism, assistentialism, social justice and nation sovereignty.
El trabajo reconstruye la memoria colectiva sobre Lázaro Cárdenas a partir del discurso social. La hipótesis central sostiene que hay un discurso mítico sobre Lázaro Cárdenas que construye una imagen heroica relativa a un ser poseedor de dotes sobrehumanas. La imagen es vista como un referente político y simbólico. El mito de Cárdenas es un mito político que conformó al Estado-nación y consolidó al Estado mexicano. Tuvo dos lecturas: la estatista y la popular; también expresó las aspiraciones de justicia del pueblo. Los valores que se expresan en la memoria popular de Lázaro Cárdenas son paternalismo, asistencialismo, providencialismo, justicia social y soberanía nacional.
ISSN: 0188-7742
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